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Travel Planning Made Simple is a subsidiary company to Online Management Services. We facilitate online bookings for the following products - Valet Parking (both Airport and Harbour- where applicable) in Durban as well as in Gauteng, Taxis as well as Shuttle services, International and Domestic Flight Bookings, International and Domestic accommodation, Car Hire and Car rental (at home and abroad). We also take bookings for Tours, from 1 day to at least 30 days. Please scroll down to see our services in more detail

Wherever you want to go, we will find you cheap hotels, but with a minimum of  3*. Affordable is a key word when we add any agency or service provider to out books.

Valet Parking


Check and compare prices and make a booking for these Service Providers by clicking on the button

Valet Parking


Check and compare prices and make a booking for these Service Providers by clicking on the button

Taxis and Shuttle Services

Not comfortable with someone else driving your car why not try a taxi or shuttle service. Please click on the individual Service Providers picture to be routed to the inquiries and bookings pages.




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Lanseria and George:


Flight Bookings

Search and book cheap flight to any destination you can think of. If they have an airport, we will find you a flight. Whether you are in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Thailand or Egypt.

You are even able to book a single flight whether it be one way or return. We also have the facility to book flights for multiple destinations.

Do you want a local flight..... we can do it.

Do you want an international flight ...... we can do it

Do you want a mixture of the 2..... we can do it

Compare all airlines in one Search  and then Book immediately to get the best possible prices.

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 Car Rental and Car Hire

Do you require a car while you are away, but are not sure if they will fit into your budget. For cheap car rental in Durban or anywhere in the world, we have reputable car rental companies waiting for your booking.

If you need a large car for quite a few people or do you just need one for yourself. We have a full range from small cars to luxury cars. The choice is yours.

Click on the picture to be directed to the Online search, compare and booking page.


  Compare tours, both local and abroad.

There are amazing Day trips on offer that range from an hour to a full day.


 Day tours are separated by country in alphabetical order.   So if you are  looking for South Africa you will click on "S" and then scroll to South Africa, then find the tour that interests you.

Click on the button to search through numerous day trips  
Everybody loves to travel but not everybody can afford to. So what do we normally do, we place our dreams on hold. Why not be spontaneous and take advantage of the offer below.If you live in South Africa it is no possible to get holiday revolving credit, so you can travel now and pay later.

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