Traders Product Market Space is being developed to allow Vendors an opportunity to list their products and sell them online.

Here numerous Vendors list and sell their products, products that are very seldom found in shops and stores and normally only available at Craft Markets or Farmers Markets. We provide Vendors an opportunity to list and sell their products to anyone throughout South Africa and not just to people who are able to visit them at the Craft Markets they attend. All products listed here are handmade products, made by the Vendors themselves. You are therefore guaranteed of quality and no exorbitant pricing, plus you can have can have your purchases shipped to your door or local PostNet or PEP Store, the choice is yours.

Support Local Small Businesses by purchasing here, buy South African.

We are currently working on this site and will be adding more Products and Vendors to it, but should you be a Vendor and wish to have your products displayed and sold here, You can download Our Letter of Introduction now and get the information, then fill in the form below to immediately register and download your products and we will publish them or please contact me by email, Click Here to send an email and I will gladly send you all information on what to do list your products here at no cost to you.

Register here below and download your products to us for publication.